MCBONA was originally a consulting company established in Southern California in 2014, and then moved to Bellevue, Washington. After years of development, it is now an international group of companies specializing in construction, e-commerce, transportation, catering and consulting.


MCBONA’s subsidiary, MCRDE, is a full-service construction company specializing in residential and commercial projects.

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MCBON Range hood brand has entered Amazon commerce platform in 2019 and has repeatedly ranked first for their kitchen hoods. 

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EALLF is a large trucking company registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and serving North America.


"Bresse Rooster" provides catering as well as operations management services. One of the company's current clients include Black Rooster Restaurant (North American branch), that is operated by "Bresse Rooster".

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MCBONA's technology subsidiary, EALLMALL, is a consulting company which specializes in network development, agency operations, brand registration and more!

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MCBONA CHINA is a multinational company focusing on architectural design, e-commerce operations, agency operations, overseas warehouse construction and other services.

150+ Clients Worldwide
Our departments have worked with clients across Northern America, Mainland China and Eastern Europe.