The eradication of child abuse begins with building informed, empowered communities with the courage to talk openly about this difficult issue. Child abuse — particularly child sexual abuse — is a crime of secrecy. As high-profile cases capture media attention, social outrage continues to drive the conversation out of the shadows. Open conversation is the most effective tool we have to eradicate child abuse.

Start the dialogue. Inspire others to talk openly.

  • Parents: educate your children about child abuse in an age-appropriate way. If you’re uncertain how to approach it, contact your child’s physician, teacher, or a local children’s advocacy center (CAC) to learn about ways to have this discussion.
  • Community: Start a conversation with responsible family members, co-workers, other parents, teachers and coaches about what you have learned.  Share One with Courage Campaign.

Recognize and report suspected abuse.

Be the One With Courage who combats the secrecy that enables child abuse.

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  • Online Training: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse teaches individuals who work with children on a daily basis about the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Click on the link above to visit the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center training campus, then follow the links to register.
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