One With Courage was developed by Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc. (CACTX), the nation’s largest state membership association of children’s advocacy centers. 

As the 2011 National Children’s Alliance Public Awareness Contest Winner, this campaign’s national rollout is made possible through a collaboration with the Department of Justice and the National Children’s Alliance, the nation’s association and accrediting body for children’s advocacy centers.

One With Courage is centered around the courage it takes to talk about child sexual abuse—the courage it takes child victims to come forward and talk about their abuse and the courage it takes adults to talk about the issue, learn the signs and report abuse when it’s suspected.

Child sexual abuse is a crime of secrecy which, tragically, breeds within our society because it is difficult to talk about. Talking openly about this issue combats the secrecy that enables it and helps to eradicate child sexual abuse from our communities.

We expect tremendous courage on the part of young victims to make disclosures about their abuse, and as adults we can do no less in believing them and reporting this to ensure justice and healing.

The One With Courage campaign aims to educate the public about the signs of sexual abuse, dispel generally accepted “myths” about this issue and provide communities with specific steps they can take to make a difference in a child’s life.

Most importantly, the campaign aims to inspire the courage required to take action against child sexual abuse, whether it be starting a dialogue about this issue, equipping ourselves with the knowledge needed to recognize the signs of abuse or volunteering at a local children’s advocacy center.